Em's B-Day

Happy day for the entire clan as we celebrated Em's xxrd year. Fun was had, cake was eaten and all candles were effectively extinguished. Kellen was insistent upon aiding Em with unwrapping all presents and did a fine job assisting. Riley was less helpful, but, at 9weeks old, we were ecstatic with her eating, sleeping and occasionally allowing for bath time.

Kellen made this beautiful signage and we decided to put it on display not on the refrigerator, but deemed it to be front-door worthy. Wonderful sentiment; great to come home from work to this kind of thing.
Kellen remains the most photogenic in the family.

Lake Mohegan hike w/KIDS

We've had a string of beautiful weekends of late - mixed with one snowy weekend, just to keep us on our toes. Kellen, Em and Riley were all particularly photogenic on this afternoon.


Oregon Ducks' good luck charm

She could be the reason the Rose Bowl crown lives in Eugene for the first time in nearly a decade.
Well done, Riley. Well done.


A New Arrival...

Please help us welcome little RILEY MAY PALMER into the world!!!
She's been here since 12:52am on Tuesday morning and has been lighting up the Labor & Delivery wing ever since. Our sweet little one even had time to give her big bro a nice present when he came to the hospital for his first visit.

Riley weighed 7lbs and 1oz. and measured to be 20". She's a wee little one, but she's carrying a solid appetite with her. We don't expect that she'll be this tiny too long. She's also been quite boisterous and didn't stop making noise from delivery until the inaugural feeding time. She probably got that from her father.

Mom is doing great, too! After setting a "PR" (personal record) in the delivery room, Emilie has been recovering nicely and getting some well-deserved rest. Truly a job well-done! And now she reaps the benefits while holding our beautiful daughter. Awesome.


We're FAMOUS... not really

Our good buddy, Michel, wanted to make a spec ad for grocer/delivery chain Fresh Direct. The spot we created is not for air, but once this cute little monkey on the slide goes viral perhaps our ad, staring the Palmers, will make it to prime time.

Park from Michel Rothschild on Vimeo.